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The story of the Deported Veteran has strongly been centered on our Latino brethren south of the border. There are Deported Veterans all around the world. This is the story of the Black Deported Veteran.

  • Date: 2/21/2023 05:00 PM
  • Location: Valencia Park/Malcolm X Library (Map)
  • More Info: 5148 Market St San Diego, CA 92114

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This event is an introduction to the Deported Veteran issue and how it has disproportionately affected those that identify Black or African-American.  Learn their stories and what is and isn't being done to bring them home. 

Black Deported Veterans of America (BDVA), an advocacy group for Deported Veterans has partnered with Excuse My Accent Productions to bring a greater knowledge and awareness to the San Diego community about Deported Veterans and the need for legislation to correct this debacle.