•  2/22/2023 09:30 AM
  •   San Diego City College (MS-140)

BRING THEM HOME An Award Winning documentary that follows the stories of United States military veterans that have been deported to places like Mexico, Panama and Belize.

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  •  2/21/2023 05:00 PM
  •   Valencia Park/Malcolm X Library

The story of the Deported Veteran has strongly been centered on our Latino brethren south of the border. There are Deported Veterans all around the world. This is the story of the Black Deported Veteran.

"This ain't a brown thing, it's an American thing!"

Black Deported Veterans of America (BDVA) is a support group for those that served in the United States military, and were subsequently deported to the countries where they were born.  The predominant make up of the group is by those that identify as Black or African American...but support is open for ALL Deported Veterans. This website is geared towards raising awareness of the plight of the Black Deported Veterans; bios and updates on select individual Black Deported Veterans; updates on changes in U.S. policy; and avenues for public and private support.
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James Smith

Founder & Co-Director

David K. Bariu

Founder & Co-Director, Formerly Deported Veteran - Kenya

Jeff Brown

Founder - Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Rudi A. Richardson

Founder - Deported Veteran - London, England

Kevin Martinez

Formerly Deported Veteran - Belize

Roman Sabal

Formerly Deported Veteran - Belize

Howard Bailey

Formerly Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Steven Pierre

Formerly Deported Veteran - Haiti

Angelo Cedeno

Formerly Deported Veteran - Trinidad & Tobago

Hilarion Joseph

Citizen - Trinidad and Tobago

Mark Desouza

Humanitarian Parole - Jamaica

Charsley Severin

Humanitarian Parole - Commonwealth of Dominica

Ifill Sherlon

Humanitarian Parole - Trinidad and Tobago

Pablo Dilbert

Humanitarian Parole - Honduras

Rohan Coombs

Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Densil Chapman

Deported Veteran - St. Kitts and Nevis

Edwin Melendez

Deported Veteran - Dominican Republic

Elsworth Smith

Deported Veteran - Belize

Jacques Pyram

Deported Veteran - Haiti

Jean Dorsainvil

Deported Veteran - Haiti

Mark Isaacs

Deported Veteran - Guyana

Phillipe Janvier

Deported Veteran - Haiti

Prince Owusu

Deported Veteran - Ghana

Kidane Mengesha

Deported Veteran - Ethiopia

David Dickson

Removal Proceedings - Ghana

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