James Smith

Founder & Co-Director

David K. Bariu

Founder & Co-Director, Formerly Deported Veteran - Kenya

David is a naturalized citizen.

Jeff Brown

Founder - Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Rudi A. Richardson

Founder - Deported Veteran - London, England

Kevin Martinez

Formerly Deported Veteran - Belize

Kevin is a naturalized citizen.

Roman Sabal

Formerly Deported Veteran - Belize

Howard Bailey

Formerly Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Howard is a naturalized citizen.

Steven Pierre

Formerly Deported Veteran - Haiti

Steven is a naturalized citizen.

Angelo Cedeno

Formerly Deported Veteran - Trinidad & Tobago

Angelo is a naturalized citizen.

Hilarion Joseph

Stopped his removal proceedings - Trinidad and Tobago

Hilarion is a naturalized citizen.

Mark Desouza

Humanitarian Parole - Jamaica

Charsley Severin

Humanitarian Parole - Commonwealth of Dominica

Ifill Sherlon

Humanitarian Parole - Trinidad and Tobago

Pablo Dilbert

Humanitarian Parole - Honduras

Rohan Coombs

Deported Veteran - Jamaica

Densil Chapman

Deported Veteran - St. Kitts and Nevis

Edwin Melendez

Deported Veteran - Dominican Republic

Elsworth Smith

Humanitarian Parole - Belize

Jacques Pyram

Deported Veteran - Haiti

Jean Dorsainvil

Deported Veteran - Haiti

Mark Isaacs

Deported Veteran - Guyana

Phillipe Janvier

Humanitarian Parole - Haiti

Prince Owusu

Deported Veteran - Ghana

Kidane Mengesha

Deported Veteran - Ethiopia

David Dickson

Stopped his removal proceedings - Ghana

David is a naturalized citizen